Thursday, November 17, 2011

#LisaIrwin #TylerDasher :" VERY VERY VERY ANGRY " !

Now we know what "very, very angry" means to the local police officer.  We don't need to enter into his internal subjective, personal dictionary.

We may also have an indication as to why there is no 'cracking' of Deborah Bradley as Tyler's little body revealed the anger that he faced when he cried interrupting mommy's time...

When Deborah Bradley justified drinking wine mixed with prescription medication as "adult time" which she felt she had earned by "feeding" the three children, a chill ran up my spine, fearing what wrath was faced by a crying, cranky, Baby Lisa who had the misfortune of both having a cold, and being born to a selfish, neglectful mother and a weak, effeminate, abdicating father.  I can only hope the other two boys end up in better places.

Bradley invented the "stranger abduction" story.  Police know it, the lawyers know it, and America knows it.  Her deception was not difficult to discern, even before her story started to change.

She has good reason to not want Lisa's remains recovered and has done everything possible, including stalling interviews for the boys, right to refusing to allow her bedroom to be searched, to keep America from finding Lisa.

We will find Lisa, and technology is such that we will learn what fate befell her, but America's guesses are not too far off the mark.

Sadly, we saw the tragic end to another child who dared to interrupt a mother who, even in her clue, told the world that her sleep was more important than her child's life.

Here's to you, Deborah Bradley, who now every mother in the land will think about when they want to enjoy a glass of wine, but wait until their precious little one is asleep, and there is another adult present to tend to the little one, should he or she wake up at 10:30PM, cry, and need a little kindness...the kindness you refused her...the kindness you refuse, even now, to show her, in death, with a proper more