Saturday, November 12, 2011

#LisaIrwin : Valhall - The Cell Phone Records.

So the cell phone records have been analyzed by the FBI, Wild-Bill Stanton’s “people”, and FOX news.  According to John Picerno, the new local attorney for Jeremy Irwin and Deborah Bradley, the FBI, in a 3 hour meeting, went over the records and the pings for the phones.  Megyn Kelly interviewed both Bill Stanton and John Picerno about this latest development.  Let’s see what they had to say…and what they didn’t say.

First let’s get the timeline on the calls we know about now that the records have been released:
  • 11:57 pm – outbound call to Megan Wright’s phone number from Deborah’s phone.
  • 3:17 am – attempted call to Deborah’s voicemail from Deborah’s phone.
  • 3:32 am – attempted call to Deborah’s voicemail from Deborah’s phone.
  • times unknown – five attempts at accessing the internet from Deborah’s phone.
Okay, so let’s look at these and then let’s look at what Stanton/Picerno said (and didn’t say) about these.  The 11:57 pm call to Megan Wright who states she did not receive (pick up) a phone call or get a voice mail from that number.  This issue has been discussed for several days now on the Hinky and Verizon has confirmed that when you are “redlined” (i.e. on restricted service due to nonpayment of bill) if you attempt to make an outgoing phone call it will be re-routed to a service center.  This does not mean that the call won’t show up on the phone called, even though you ultimately end up with Verizon’s service center and an automated message reminding you that you haven’t paid your bill and can’t make an outgoing call! more