Friday, November 4, 2011

#LisaIrwin : Deborah And Jeremy's Very Busy Life.

It has been a month since baby Lisa Irwin, 10 months, was reported kidnapped.

Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin have been busy, particularly with media appearances, so busy, in fact, that after 2 weeks, Deborah, having reported that the two boys in the home "heard something" yet she had yet to sit down and ask them about what they heard, even though it is material to the kidnapping.
She hasn't had the time yet.

Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin have not yet had time to search for baby Lisa.  In all their appearances, they don't seem to talk much to the kidnapper, or have they mentioned anything about calling hospitals, adoption agencies, or seeking any type of ransom connection.

Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin have been busy; they had a busier Halloween than most, having a national television show follow them around.  Good Morning America was able to film the boys in their costumes.  Deborah had to take time out to get a make over at the beauty parlor, given that the kidnappers need to see a well presented mother in case there becomes a negotiation for a ransom.

Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin are not working any longer, and haven't for a month.  It must be difficult because they were so badly behind on their bills that Deborah said the stolen phones, 3 of them, had been shut off due to non payment.  Recently, we learned that a call was made from one of the stolen phones, 8:30PM or so, the night that Lisa was alleged to be kidnapping.

How are they surviving?  If she didn't have the money to pay her phone bills, how did she pay for the beauty salon appointment?  The childrens' costumes?  Food?  Boxes of wine?

Given the extreme folly of the 'kidnapping story', I believe that Kansas City police were close to breaking the case with a confession.

A single call from New York put an end to that.
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