Sunday, November 6, 2011

#LisaItwin: #Mike #LeRette's The Trail To The Money...


LeRette, Abeyta said, is young and doesn't appear to have the ability or maturity to handle a situation this complex. But, he said, "Mike's the trail to the money so, good or bad, he stays." 

It is believed the benefactor may have had prior connections with New York-based private investigator "Wild" Bill Stanton who was hired to assist the family in finding Baby Lisa.

Locals said they quickly discovered "Wild" Bill wasn't even licensed to practice in the State of Missouri, and that he quickly changed his title from "Private Investigator" to "Consultant."

They said his coming into town purporting to be someone he's not didn't bode well with the community, local private investigators, or local media. Stanton was quickly disliked.

Also chosen to assist Deborah and Jeremy is New York-based defense attorney Joe Tacopina.It wasn't long before the public realized Tacopina had represented Joran van der Sloot in the Natallee Holloway case, a man who later admitted to murdering another young woman. They could not understand why a couple with a missing baby would need to hire a high-profile defense attorney from New York. It just didn't make sense.

The family, attorney, and the PI would not disclose the name of the benefactor who reportedly says she doesn't want the attention focused on her. This has further cast a shadow of suspicion on this family and those who represent them.

Abeyta says he beleived that between LeRette, Stanton, and Tacopina, these young parents were not, and are not in control of their own situation. "In fact," Abeyta said, "the person doing most of the talking for the family during our short meeting was LeRette." 

Abeyta says he believes that allowing the New York attorney and PI and a young, inexperienced distant cousin to take over their missing child's case may prove to have caused them more harm than good in the long run. Only time will tell. more

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