Saturday, November 5, 2011

#LisaIrwirn : Jeremy Kicks The Cat Off The Fron Stoop !

@stark3923: 1:26 min Video Jeremy Irwin KICKS the cat off the front stoop. #BabyLisa #LisaIrwin #JeremyIrwin

Comment from Hinky Meter Poster MIMI  - Her words of tenderness toward a family pet that Jeremy Irwin kicks aside. I have placed them here because they show a side to Jeremy and not a pleasant one at that...I agree 100% with Mimi


I know it would be neither here nor there for many people (in light of the fact that a baby is missing) but I can't help but note what I consider to be a mean streak in a person who boots aside a cat the way Jeremy does in that video. There is really no reason to do that to that little pet which is waiting at the door to be let in and, in all likelihood, lives in the house where Jeremy and Deborah are staying as GUESTS. No need for that nasty attitude towards an innocent animal at all imo. Damn it, I HATE to see meanness like that in a person. How dare he. That is one reason why I never trust someone who is as bland and "no-faced" as he appears to be... it looks like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth. That empty expression on his face is a whole load of BS that he has worked very had at to perfect, imo. Still waters run deep.