Wednesday, November 9, 2011

#LisaIrwin : PODCAST - Theory As To What May Have Happened The Night Lisa Vanished

Quote and Source : The Hinky Meter

I recommend others listen to that podcast from Nov 4th, they start talking about Lisa at 16:30.
The theory provided makes the most sense to me...

Phillip stops by the house at 10:30pm and DB hands him a duffle bag which he takes and leaves. Supposedly a neighbor saw this but no source can confirm it.

And then they speculate that DB asks Jersey to take and burn some bed sheets (maybe the cell phones) and what the one neighbor saw at 12:15am could have been Jersy carrying the sheets (which would have evidence as to how Lisa might have died) to the dumpster to burn.

Go to 5th November Box for the theory , Megan Wright has already mentioned she is the owner of a duffle bag.