Tuesday, November 1, 2011

#Lisairwin #Wikipedia Loses Respect As It Claims Lisa Kidnapping As FACT !!!

Not the first time Wikipedia have juggled the 'facts' to suit someones agenda, they did it with Amanda Knox, Madeleine McCann and the Americans ninth claim on the death of Osama Bin Laden ,removing the fact that he was an ONLY child so DNA could not possibly match a sibling's brain Obama claimed was preserved in a Boston Hospital !

Wikipedia can no longer be trusted !


Kidnapping of Lisa Irwin

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Lisa Irwin
Born11 November 2010 (2010-11-11) (age 0)
ParentsDeborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin
Lisa Irwin (born 2010) is an 11-month old baby, reported missing from her home in Kansas City, MO on Oct 3, 2011.[1][2][3] The missing persons report attracted national publicity in late 2011 due to implications of Lisa's parents, and strange reports related to the case.

[edit] Events

Deborah Bradley, Lisa's mother, says he discovered Lisa missing from her bed around 4:00 a.m. on Tuesday, October 4. According to Bradley, Lisa had been in her bed when he checked on her at 10:30 p.m. Monday night, but when he came home from his late night job on Tuesday, he discovered "many of the home's lights were on, a window was open and the front door was unlocked".[3] Later, the family told police that several cellphones were also missing.[3]
During the subsequent investigation, two witnesses were discovered who claim to have seen a man walking down the street with a baby.[4] Police were able to find and question a man matching the description of one witness, but the other witness has claimed his photo does not match the man they saw.[5][6]
On October 19, 2011, a search was performed of the Irwin home, and a cadaver dog turned up a scent of a dead body near the mother's bed.[4]
During an interview with The Associated Press, Bradley said the police had accused her of being involved in Lisa's disappearance, and informed her that she had failed a lie detector test, telling her "You did it. You did it. And we have nothing."[7][8] Bradley and Irwin announced the following week that they were organizing a reward in hopes that it would result in new information.
Jeremy Irwin appeared on the Today Show for an interview regarding the events, saying "We just want to make sure that we tell everybody that we're still cooperating. We're still talking to the police. We're doing everything we can to try to find Lisa and bring her home."[9]
In October, the Irwin family reported that an "anonymous benefactor" had hired a private investigator, and issued a $100,000 reward for Lisa's return.[10]
In October 2011, Cyndy Short stopped representing the Irwin family, saying that she was unable to work with the family's other attorney.[11][12] Lisa's brothers had been scheduled for interviews and to collect DNA samples regarding the case, but their parents cancelled the night before, according to Joe Tacopina, the family's attorney, and have subsequently denied investigators access to the boys.[12] A police request for a warrant claims that inconsistent stories from people involved may have hampered early stages of the investigation.[6]

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