Wednesday, November 2, 2011

#LisaIrwin : Version 6.0 - Uncle In The House - Megan Dated Jersey !

Just when you thought the Lisa Irwin case couldn’t get anymore muddled…the sun rises again.  Apparently every time it does that, this case gets more gimped up.  So let’s start with Version 6.0 as provided to The Kansas City Star by “a source” who is “familiar with the family’s recollections”…for what that’s worth.  Recollections, I might add, that they didn’t bother sharing during the media blitz of the first couple of weeks of Lisa’s case.

Jeremy, as we’ve already heard, worked a night job on October 3rd for the first time.  The source states Jeremy came home from his day job about 2:30 pm, stayed long enough to eat dinner and play with the kids, and then went to the night job at a Starbucks.  While he was at home before the night job, as confirmed by store surveillance video, Deborah and her brother went to the store and bought a box of wine and a handful of baby needs.

Once Jeremy went to work Deborah set about the tough task of beating that box to nothing but a plastic-lined piece of cardboard.  According to the source, Deborah drank between 5 and 10 glasses of wine with her neighbor, Samantha Brando.  In fact, she must have been hitting the box hard enough that Samantha had to go to the store and get her own liquor…because a box of wine between two gals on the porch, smoking cigarettes and letting four kids run wild, just isn’t enough! article in full at Hinky's