Wednesday, November 9, 2011

#LisaIrwin : Val Hall - Searches - New Neighbor And Upcoming Interviews ?

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Volunteer searchers from the Kansas City area searched the woods and other areas this past weekend focusing heavily on areas around where reports of a man carrying a baby in the early morning hours of October 4th were made.  Deborah Bradley’s parents participated.  At one point clothing that looked similar to clothes seen on Lisa in some photographs were discovered, but Deborah Bradley stated those clothes were still at the Irwin home.

The only relatively new information in the investigation into missing baby Lisa centers around the phone call allegedly placed from one of the missing cell phones from the Irwin home, and a new neighbor who was at the Irwin home that night.  Jeremy Irwin and Deborah Bradley claim that three cell phones were stolen on the same night Lisa was abducted from her crib. 

Deborah Bradley has previously stated that the cell phones could not call out because they were on “restricted service” due to the bill not yet being paid.  Deborah nor Jeremy have ever bothered to explain exactly how a call could have been made at all.  Instead Deborah deflected the question (as asked by Megyn Kelly in an interview on national TV prior to Joe Tacopino shutting down interviews with the couple).  Debbie’s response to Megyn was that she didn’t know how a call was made, she didn’t have the phone, she was asleep (well, asleep, passed out, whatever) more