Thursday, November 3, 2011

#LisaIrwin : Timelines And Still No Answers - Article By Michael Tabman

Recently, there have been new developments in the Baby Lisa Case. The first new development addresses the three missing cell phones. The importance of these phones has been a mystery.

Jeremy Irwin, Baby Lisa's dad, reportedly noticed the three cell phones missing, which heightened his concern when he returned home in the early morning hours, to find the lights on. Ultimately, he found his infant missing from her crib. The police referred to those cell phones in their affidavit for the search warrant of Baby Lisa’s home. I could not determine from the affidavit the significance of those cell phones to establishing probable cause to search the house.

Apparently, a woman who lives near the neighborhood of Baby Lisa’s family received a phone call from one of those cell phones on the day of Baby Lisa’s disappearance. This woman states that she has no knowledge of this call, as several people in her home use that one cell phone. Several people sharing one cell phone?

The cell phones owned by Baby Lisa’s parents were supposedly turned off for non-payment.

The woman, whose cell phone supposedly received this mysterious call, admits to having dated “Jersey” - the local handyman who was a person of interest very early in the investigation. Police have interviewed and apparently cleared Jersey, who was arrested on an unrelated matter.

The pieces of this puzzle just do not more