Monday, November 7, 2011

#LisaIrwin . #SkyMetalwala - Parents Had been Cited


In December 2009, officers in nearby Redmond cited Biryukova and her husband, Solomon Metalwala, for reckless endangerment for leaving a child unattended in a vehicle. Details were not immediately available; police said they were working to redact an incident report for release under the state's public records act.

The case was dismissed early this year after the pair agreed to a year of probation, 40 hours of community service and a 10-week parenting class, said Ian Goodhew, a spokesman for the King County Prosecutor's Office.

The couple had been together for 14 years, married since 2003 and separated in March 2010, court records show. In June 2010, Biryukova, 30, filed for a protection order on behalf of herself and their two children, saying Solomon had a severe anger problem, was verbally abusive and that he had beat her for the first time the previous Christmas. The reason was that she had allowed Sky — just 4 months old at the time — to sleep later than expected, she said.

"He became furious like I have never seen him before, he grabbed me by my hair (in front of our 3½ year old daughter), dragged me into our hallway, threw me down on the floor and then threw me against a decorative column we have in the entrance of our home," Biryukova wrote. "He continued to assault me with his feet — by kicking me and then he took out his car keys and contrived to scratch me in any area he could."

The abuse escalated after that, with Solomon telling her to go live on the street and work as a prostitute, she said.

"The most, most recent have been his threats to kill me if I say anything against him or if in any way I proceed with action of seeking custody of our two small children," Biryukova added. "I live in constant fear for my life and my children's life. Please investigate and help me!" more

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