Tuesday, November 1, 2011

#LisaIrwin : Nancy Grace -ID Of The 'Mystery Man'

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: Jane Velez-Mitchell in for Nancy Grace.

That man at 4:00 in the morning saw another man, a mystery man, in a white T-shirt holding a baby walking down the street at 4:00 in the morning the very night that this angel disappears.

Jim Spellman, you spoke to this man. He said he picked out someone and I understand the someone who he picked out lives in the community and that`s all we can say now for legal reasons.
He lives in the community.

Tell us very briefly what you know, Jim.

: Sure. That`s right. He positively identified a man that lives in this community as being the man he saw. Now it`s significant for a couple of reasons. This man on the motorcycle Mike Thomson is the first of this cast of characters if you will that we met that has no connection to this neighborhood. He lives 90 miles away. Works at a Ford plant here on an overnight shift.

So he -- he has no connection to these people at all and he picked this person out. Cindy Short, the attorney until the other day, of Deborah and Jeremy, took him to the police. He was interviewed for two hours and showed a mugshot. He specifically said a mugshot by police. And ID`d the same man to the police. So --

: All right.
: It`s obviously significant. It certainly not conclusive of anything but it`s definitely significant.

-------that's all they can say about the mystery man-----for "legal reasons"---what legal reasons??

-------mike thompson went to cindy short 1st? before going to LE ?

-------and all of megan wright's call logs had been deleted.

Megan Wright : When I got my phone back later that night, all my call logs were deleted.

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