Sunday, November 6, 2011

#LisaIrwin : Mom Debrah Bradley Profiting From Neglect !

From early Myspace postings with "XXX" connection, to consistent stories of alcoholism, triangulation, sexual immorality and neglect, the lies of Deborah Bradley continue to be exposed. 

From the earliest media appearances where her pronoun usage showed deception, to the lies about the cell phones, Deborah Bradley has told the nation that her child was kidnapped by a stranger, but linguistics point to a homicide in the home itself, at the hands of the mother, with possible assistance from her brother, or "Jersey" the ex boyfriend of fame seeking Megan Wright. 

Jeremy Irwin has changed his story a number of times. 

In the tiny house, why a computer room?  Deborah Bradley's inappropriate behavior was likely assisted by her computer, and the singling off of a room just for the computer would highlight her need for 'privacy'.

Jeremy Irwin and Deborah Bradley have both indicated that Lisa is dead, as they spoke of her in the past tense, meaning "find Lisa" and "hope for Lisa" are both lies.  Bradley knows how Lisa can be found, but in the coldness of self-preservation, she will not tell, and her lawyer will keep her quiet.  This will force law enforcement's hand to go the route of a Grand Jury.  It delays and it costs, but it will not succeed in her quest to cover this crime.  She and Tacopina will make tax payers pay, and pay dearly, as well as pay via emotions and effort, both the searchers and the public, as the nation hurts for this child of more