Wednesday, November 9, 2011

#LisaIrwin : Megan Wright Wants Her Name Cleared In Irwin Case


A woman Tuesday identified a man she said was using her phone when it got a mystery call from one of the three cell phones stolen from the house the night Lisa Irwin disappeared on Oct. 4.
NBC Action News investigator Russ Ptacek uncovered a September restraining order in Clay County against the man Megan Wright claims has physically and emotionally abused her.
Below is the transcript from the interview with Wright on Tuesday:
Wright: "I absolutely had nothing to do with this. The whole reason I'm involved in this case is because I was trying to be nice and let people use my phone.
I just set it down on the table. Told everybody I was going downstairs with my boyfriend at the time. Told them if they need it feel more