Wednesday, November 9, 2011

#LisaIrwin : Video : Mark Furhman On The Latest Revelations

Megyn Kelly reported earlier that a phone call was made or attempted from the cell phone of Deborah Bradley at almost midnight on the night Lisa Irwin went missing. The call went to a woman named Megan Wright, who claimed publicly that the call was made to her phone at 8:30p, but new information shows that the call was received at 11:57p.

Former LAPD detective Mark Fuhrman joined Megyn Kelly on America Live and pointed out the fact that at the time the call was made, Bradley claimed she was drunk and ‘blacked out.’
Fuhrman went on to talk about how the most obvious piece of this investigation is that the cops will not clear Deborah Bradley because she is the last one that saw baby Lisa alive and her story keeps changing.

“I believe it was Deborah Bradley because she is the one trying to make the excuse right from the onset that the kidnappers took the cell so they couldn’t tell 9-1-1. That is an absurd, ridiculous assumption.” He added, “It’s not something a mother would be worried about when their child’s been kidnapped and missing.”