Thursday, November 3, 2011

#LisaIrwin : Kristi Hoss Schiller Is She The Mystery Benefactor ?

Lots of chatter this evening on forums that Kristi Schiller MAY be the mystery benefactor.

Kristi Hoss Schiller: Board member of K9s4cops, Schiller is suspected of but not confirmed to be the “female wealthy benefactor” responsible for hiring Wild Bill by followers of the case. The basis for the suspicion stems from various bits of information including his status on the advisory board of K9s4cops, this tweet record and Stanton’s statement that he met the benefactor through a relative of the family. Bradley’s cousin Mike LeRette lives in Texas and his Twitter account shows communication with Hoss Schiller’s stepson Daniel Schiller shortly after baby Lisa was reported missing.

Tweet from a Daniel Schiller

K9s4Cops K9s4Cops
by schiller713
@MaryBenton @KKSchiller ... big-donors #k9s4Cops #KristiSchiller #BillStanton @MikeLeRette @LoneStarLatina @schiller713 @EXXICEO
28 Oct