Sunday, November 6, 2011

#LisaIrwin: #KCPD-Stacy Graves Clarifies Media Reports Circulating Around Missing Toddler Lisa.

Kansas City Police were asked to confirm if they are no longer looking for missing Missouri baby Lisa Irwin and if they've cleared a neighbor who was recently interviewed and given a lie detector test. 

KCPD spokeswoman Stacey Graves said in an email Thursday that the claim they're not looking for Baby Lisa is'ridiculous' and that they do not confirm whether or not they clear potential suspects.

"We will not stop looking for Lisa until we find her," Graves said. "For someone to imply we have stopped searching for Lisa is ridiculous."

Was neighbor cleared?

There are conflicting reports as to whether Baby Lisa's parents, Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin’s next door neighbor, Samantha Brando’s husband, has been cleared of any involvement in Baby Lisa’s disappearance.

KCTV5 News reported Thursday that a KCPD spokesman confirmed the neighbor has been cleared and that the department had ‘moved on from him.’

However, asked to confirm that KCPD cleared the neighbor, KCPD spokeswoman Stacey Graves wrote in an email Friday, "I cannot confirm the below statement. We are not providing specific information in regard to the investigation, which would include 'clearing' a person detectives have contacted