Tuesday, November 8, 2011

#LisaIrwin : #German Couple Killed Their Newborn Because They Already Had Three Children !

A German couple murdered their newborn son and buried him in the garden of their home because they already had three children and could not afford to feed another, a court has heard.

Named as Marcel T., 35, and Kirsten H., 38, the pair allegedly killed their son shortly after he was born in the small town of Juterborg, near Berlin, two years ago and wrapped his body in a bag carrying the inscription "Welcome to the family," before burying him 40 inches below paving in their garden.

The case came to light in February this year when the mother allegedly got drunk and confessed to a friend, Bild reported.

In a court in Potsdam, also near Berlin, each parent has blamed the other for their baby's death.
"The mother killed him. I only buried him," Marcel T. told police after his arrest.

Kirsten H. said that after she gave birth in the basement of the family home she fell asleep and woke to find her husband had killed and buried the child.

"I wanted the child," she said. "Marcel did not want it. Because we don't have enough money."
Prosecutors claim that the pair confessed to the murder while in custody, with Thomas saying three children was "quite enough."

They are both charged with murder and face a 10-week trial. A verdict is expected in January.