Saturday, November 5, 2011

#LisaIrwin : #FACEBOOK - HELP EXPOSE The Cover - Up !


"I'd like to blow the lid on the anonymity of the reward, the hiring of Stanton, the hiring of Tacopina, and how they all connect to individuals in this photo, including how Tacopina is behind all of it. If you would like to dig, grab a keyboard and let's get busy seeing what lies underneath this cover-up. The key to it all is the law firm Fulbright & Jaworski LLP. Robert Eckels in the photo is the Chairman, and there are other ties to them as well. Joe Tacopina has done legal work for them in the past. John Hoss is Kristi's brother and has ties to the firm as well, though this could be more clear. Stanton is connected to this group . Mike LeRette, Baby Lisa's cousin, is connected to Kristi. I want to know more about these connections, who helped Tacopina set this up, and let it all be transparent for public knowledge.

There may be things uncovered that look hinky in terms of financial favors and irregularities, possilbe tax shelter foundations/charities, grafts, bribes, political favors, etc.

Please include any information you find along this line, with links. Thanks."

This link goes to the picture of the people they are discussing. It was just posted 2 hours ago so new comments will continue appearing...!/photo.php?fbid=295036593854170&set=a.290677257623437.77907.290185081005988&type=1&theater

Source: Hinky Meter