Wednesday, November 2, 2011

#LisaIrwin #Bradley's RED FLAG October 19th, But No Mention Of Baby Brother !

The mother of a missing Kansas City baby added several new twists to an already perplexing case Monday as the search for her daughter entered its third week.

Deborah Bradley revealed in appearances on network TV morning shows that she last saw Lisa Irwin nearly four hours before the time she initially gave police. And Bradley said she had been drinking wine – “enough to be drunk” – on Oct. 3, the night the child, now 11 months old, disappeared from her crib.

The revelations came on a busy day in the case that included the announcement that a high-profile New York lawyer would represent Lisa’s parents. Meanwhile, investigators drained a creek and had dogs sniffing around the family’s home in their continuing search for clues.
But authorities reported no progress in the case.

The lawyer, former New York City prosecutor Joe Tacopina, said in a news conference Monday afternoon that Bradley and Jeremy Irwin, Lisa’s father, were innocent and would cooperate with authorities. Tacopina declined to say who was paying for his services.

He said Lisa’s parents had consented to have their house searched again and would cooperate with investigators.

“They have nothing to hide, and they have said that from day one,” Tacopina said.
He said his clients do not know what happened the night Lisa disappeared.