Monday, November 7, 2011

#LisaIrwin :Cell Phones - 72 Hours Passed - Parents Reveal During MEDIA Interview -Three Stolen Cell Phones!


In a report filed by John Pepitone with FOX 4 News out of Kansas City it was pointed out that if you take the statements made by law enforcement prior to interviews conducted with Lisa’s parents yesterday and then compare them to revelations made during those interviews, there appears to be a problem. 

Prior to the interviews yesterday, law enforcement had stated that “no other items” were taken from the home; just little Lisa. 

However, yesterday it was revealed by the parents in a media interview that three cell phones were taken. 

The couple states they discovered the three phones missing when they decided to call 911 after searching for the baby in and around the house.

QUESTION : Was this the first time LE heard about missing cell phones ?

BECAUSE Debbie herself straight into this video when asked ,was anything else taken besides Lisa... replied ?  NO !

At this point Debbie and LE were both singing from the same hymn sheet ONLY Lisa was missing from her home.