Tuesday, October 18, 2011

#LisaIrwin : The Dumpster Fire....

Something else Hinky has picked up on, the burnt clothes, for officers to have shown them to Bradley they must have been baby clothes, they would not be showing her a mans burnt jacket, right ? Lets say for arguments sake, the alleged phone call from Bradleys home reported to be at  2.38 a.m  along with the dumpster fire call which was dispatched at 2.19 ...add to that around 1 a.m a man seen with a baby wearing ONLY a diaper .....I would say there could be a connection and the burnt clothes may have belonged to Lisa.

Quote From Hinky meter:

Debbie was shown “burnt clothing” by the detectives as well.  She states that now she has to believe those things were fake…at least SHE HOPES the burnt clothing was not real.

Really?  Well, this is what we don’t currently know – was the burnt clothing you were shown completely burnt up? or was it partial clothing that was discernible but part of it was destroyed? 

That’s kind of important, because short of your drunkenness you’re so damned proud of, you ought to know if you’re looking at your own baby’s clothing if ANY discernible part of it is left.  It either looks like what Lisa was wearing, or it doesn’t, right?  You’re not insinuating that KCPD trotted out and bought purple baby clothes with kittens on them, and torched them, are you?

This whole issue here is quite interesting. 

We learned over a week ago that a 2:30 am dumpster fire had occurred the morning Lisa went missing.  We’ve also been told, though it has not officially been confirmed (at least I don’t think it has been), that there was some cell phone activity on one of the Irwin phones around that same time. 

Now, in those unsubstantiated rumors we had heard a week ago that clothing had been retrieved from that dumpster and that KCPD had returned to that dumpster several times to try and collect evidence.

This is the same dumpster that Deborah kinda, sorta heard about, but (look sideways away from camera and act blase) heard it wasn’t connected to Lisa’s disappearance or oh, well, whatever. 

This is the same dumpster Jeremy hadn’t heard about at all!  This is the same dumpster that has led searchers to the landfill multiple times.  And this is the same dumpster that is less than 1/2 mile from the Irwin house.