Friday, October 28, 2011

#LisaIrwin : Megan Wright - SEARCHING For Footage.

Blogger on Hinky Meter searching for early footage of Megan Wright...may be something or nothing but worth finding that footage..Please if and when you do, post it on Val Hall's latest thread. Thank -you.

Blogger : leslikay62963


My only point about the pink hair is that it makes her VERY identifiable!!! I have been combing the news websites the past few hours, trying to find that part, where they were talking to various people around that area. I can picture it in my head, her giving her opinion on whats going on, but I just can't find it. I never thought at the time it might be something I'd need to remember, and I forgot until I saw her again this morning. That was my first thought, criminals always return to the scene, they want to see the chaos they've caused, or want to keep track of whether or not they're being implicated, or try to direct the focus. I will keep looking until I find it, I just wish I could remember which station it was on..... I'm just not sure that it will be on a recorded video anywhere, because it was just a really brief interview... uggggghhhhh!!! I may go back to the first or second blogs and discussion board for this case, and see if maybe one of the links was posted there, I might have an easier time finding it there.