Wednesday, October 26, 2011

#LisaIrwin : Video - Dr.Drew 'Oddities' In Irwin Case

Baby Lisa's half-brothers, who were at the family's home the night Lisa disappeared, will be interviewed by a child services specialist Friday.

The boys, 8 and 6, were previously interviewed just after Lisa disappeared, both for under an hour.

In an NBC interview, Baby Lisa’s mother, Deborah Bradley, said the boys heard noises the night Lisa disappeared. Bradley didn’t want to talk to her sons about the incident because she was reluctant to put them through "anything else."

In the same interview, Bradley also said she was drunk the night Lisa disappeared and that she had last seen the baby about four hours earlier than initially reported.

On Wednesday night, Dr. Drew invited HLN host and former prosecutor Nancy Grace to his HLN show to discuss the oddities that have been reported, so far, in this case.

“Number one, you've got two boys living in the home the night baby Lisa goes missing,” Nancy said. “The 8-year-old belongs to the male live-in. The 5-year-old is mommy's bio baby.”

“And by the way, to a man to whom she's still married,” Dr. Drew interjected.

“They say they don't have enough money for a divorce ... FYI, you can do it online pretty much these days,” Nancy jokingly replied. “But long story short, when cops first found out baby Lisa's missing, they interview one child for 30 minutes, the other child for 50 minutes. That's not enough. And since that time, until the present, mommy and daddy have stonewalled the cops from talking to the children. They say they don't want the children traumatized. Mommy also says she said nothing to the children about baby Lisa missing ... I don't believe that.”

Dr. Drew told Nancy how peculiar those notions sound.

“The first thing the kids would be doing [is saying]: ‘Where's Lisa?’" he said. “You would be dealing with that every day ... again, that's more of the mom’s bizarre behavior."

Nancy then mentioned how she didn’t like the fact that the parents weren’t talking to police separately.

“In order for mommy to talk to cops, she's got to have daddy there ... Why?" Nancy asked.

"They are not suspects, but this is not helping move the investigation off them."

“Whether she's a suspect or not, these are adults in charge of the care of children who don't remember what they did the night they were supervising these kids ... that whole business of [possibly] drinking to the point of blacking out is very disturbing,” Dr. Drew added.

The two went on to speak about the alleged ex-friend of Deborah Bradley who says Bradley has a good heart, but is a “very good con artist.”

“For one thing, I wouldn't put anybody, especially in-laws, up on the stand because it's just like two wet cats in a barrel,” Nancy said. “You're going to get all these distant relatives and the sister, ‘oh, she didn't – she re-gifted me at Christmas – I hate her – she's manipulative.’ I don't care about that. All I care about is the evidence."

Drew then asked Nancy what is needed to move the investigation forward.

“Number one, I need mommy to man up and talk to cops without daddy holding her hand,”

 Nancy said. "I've also got a problem with mommy saying i was blacked out drunk and mommy saying i flunked a polygraph on the question" 'Do you know where baby Lisa is?' That's a problem to me.”

Nancy did mention that she cannot ignore that people in the neighborhood saw a man walking with a baby that night ... and that a cadaver dog “hit” on an area of the carpet in Deborah’s bedroom.

Between 30 and 50 investigators are now involved in the search.

A family attorney says the couple has provided a wealth of information to police and that they want people to continue looking for the child.