Friday, October 28, 2011

#LisaIrwin : Legal Catfight Preempts Brothers Interview ?

Earlier this week the Kansas City Police Department confirmed that the parents of missing baby Lisa had agreed to bring Lisa’s two older half-brothers in for further forensic interviews, and for DNA swab sampling.  And then…it was off, with a rather bizarre set of statements made publicly by two separate attorneys who appear at odds.

It started yesterday with an announcement from the local Kansas City attorney for Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin, Cyndy Short, stating the family was exhausted from unending questioning (by whom???) and that the family had cancelled all appointments for the rest of the week.  The excuse sounded pretty lame from the moment it was released considering that the family won’t speak to local media, hasn’t spoken to national media in quite some time, and darned sure aren’t talking to KCPD.  So short of talking to their own lawyers and themselves, it’s not real clear who questioned them to near exhaustion.

Then Joe Tacopina, from his roost in New York City, responded to media inquiries stating that the interview of the boys would most likely be some time next week.  Which garnered a response from Cyndy Short of “uhhh, wrong, it may never happen”.  In fact, what she actually stated was
I’ve done research and see more potential for harm than good with the interview.  It won’t happen tomorrow and maybe article in full at Hinkey's