Monday, October 31, 2011

#LisaIrwin : Jeremy Irwin Portrait Of Abdication

America is angry.

Jeremy Irwin has a chance to do something for Lisa; of whom he has failed to protect in the past.

Deborah Bradley did not turn into an alcoholic one month ago who would drink "5 to 10 glasses of wine" with anti anxiety medicine on the very night her child was 'kidnapped' by a stranger who picked the right house, on the first and only night the father worked, and the only time a home could be entered through a window, unheard by a black lab mix and a baby monitor.  Bradley was not likely 'drunk' that night; she has a high tolerance and that kind of drinking is a nightly habit to be developed over a long period of time.  Bradley came from an alcoholic family and knows how to hold her liquor and Irwin knew it.  Substance abuse and mothering doesn't mix, as Jeremy Irwin well knows.

Jeremy Irwin, when asked who might have "done this" to Lisa said, "someone who cheated on her husband" revealing a likely bitterness of having been victimized by Deborah Bradley.  It was a moment where he almost sounded like he was about to be a man.  Almost.

Appearing hen pecked and dominated, Irwin said he would not be interviewed by police without Deborah Bradley by his side.

What?  Are you kidding?  You are a father and your daughter is missing and you will still be controlled by the very one you trusted to care for your daughter? more