Wednesday, October 26, 2011

#LisaIrwin: Eye Witness Claims - Statement Analysis

When defense attorneys talk up a witness, it is time to step back.  Even subtle attempts to blame a homeless man, handy man, or anyone else, by a defense attorney, indicates a need to cast blame away from the clients.

When HLN has an "expert" praises a host for his 'exhausting'  analysis of 3 witnesses' statements stating  that she was concerned that the police were not doing as much work, in order to prove kidnapping in the Baby Lisa case, it is time to step back and apply analysis to the witnesses' statements rather than attempt to judge their motives or stitch together an artificial crime line. We have statements from 2 of the 3 witnesses; both are deemed "unreliable" due to language.  This is not difficult to do.

Last night, HLN reported that one witness waited "a week and a half" to make the report, raising the question of motive, without speculating as to what this motive may be.

Some attempt to work out the logistics of "sightings" miles versus time frame.  This was frustrating to watch until Pat Brown was called to weigh more