Wednesday, October 26, 2011

##LisaIrwin #NBC Video - Rasleen Raim Mother Of One Of The Boys Spoke How She Thought When hearing The News It was her Boy.


EDITRasleen_20111026212824_JPG MARSHALL, Mo. - On the heels of announcement that Baby Lisa Irwin’s two half brothers will speak to investigators Friday, NBC Action News spoke to the biological mother of one of the boys.
Rasleen Raim is the mother of the 8-year-old that was living in the North Lister home.
Raim and Jeremy Irwin, Lisa’s father, once lived together in the same Northland home. But in 2008, the couple’s custody battle played out in court and Jeremy Irwin received full custody of their child.

Raim said she has not been able to see her son for years.

NBC Action News Investigator Ryan Kath traveled to Marshall, Mo., the day after Lisa vanished and spoke to Raim in person.

Ryan asked, “What did you think when you heard about the baby?”

“I thought about my boy, I thought it was mine,” Raim said.

“How much do you miss him?”

“I can't even say…I miss him a lot.”

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Photograph:Mom of Lisa's half-brother