Tuesday, October 18, 2011

#LisaIrwin #Bradley- 4th Version Of Events..And Still No Lisa !

So, we did get a brand new version of the events of the night and morning Lisa Irwin disappeared!  We knew the drunk-Debbie part was coming, but lo and behold, the whole chain of events, and timeline changed, and so did two people’s attitude.  Those two people would be Jeremy Irwin and Deborah Bradley, “parents” of missing 11-month-old (if she lived that long) Lisa Irwin.  They’ve had an attitude adjustment, and they have a lawyer now.  Version 4.0.1 is most likely the last version we’ll hear straight from them.

Let’s review how the story has changed.
  • Last time Lisa was seen alive:
    • 10:30 pm when Deborah put her to sleep,
    • no, she was put to bed at 7 to 7:30 pm and then Deborah checked on her before Deborah went to bed herself at 10:30 pm,
    • Version 4.0.1: no, 6:40 pm is when Lisa was put to bed.  Deborah went back in one time a few minutes after putting Lisa in bed, found her standing up in her crib, laid her back down and then has no clue if she ever checked on her again.  Probably did, don’t know if she did, usually does on her way to go to bed herself, but doesn’t know, can’t remember if she did – because she was drunk.
  • Lights and door:
    • Deborah did not leave the lights on and did not leave the door unlocked.
    • Deborah did not leave the lights on and might have left the door unlocked.
    • Deborah might have left the lights on and did not leave the door unlocked.
    • Version 4.0.1: Deborah has no idea if she left the lights on and the door unlocked – because she was drunk.
  • Did anybody hear anything?
    • No.
    • No, and Deborah had a baby monitor in the room with her.
    • No, but Deborah’s bedroom is all the way on the other side of the house and she sleeps with the fan on high.
    • Version 4.0.1: Yes, the boys heard something but no one including their own parents is going to ask them about it because they’ve got to go through MOTFY Debbie to get to those kids, by golly, and it just aint going to happen.  Doesn’t want to traumatize them Of course, the two little boys wondering everyday where “Pumpkin Pie” went in the middle of the night, possibly seeing who took their little sister, and having nightmares about someone “disappearing” them after they go to sleep are not going through anything traumatic, right?
  • What did Deborah do while Jeremy was at work?
    • Gave Lisa a bath, put sleeping clothes on her, put her to sleep at 10:30 p.m. as Deborah was going to bed herself.  Was programming new numbers in a new phone to replace a third broken one.
    • Put Lisa to bed at 7 to 7:30 pm, checked on Lisa at 10:30 pm as she was going to bed.....more at Hinkey's