Tuesday, October 18, 2011

#LisaIrwin #KC Media Ignore National Media Whores

 It's downright embarrassing watching the Kansas City news media cover "live" another press conference on the front lawn involving the Irwin "family" and their missing 11-month-old baby. 
 More than a week ago it was announced that the family would only deal with national media outlets. As far as it was concerned, the KC media could pick up scraps from national interviews.

 And the local media has obliged.

Last week a "private investigator" calling himself "Wild Bill" Stanton rolled into town from New York and said he was here to assist with the investigation of missing Lisa Irwin. Sounding like something from the cast of the "Soprano's," Wild Bill spent a few days holding press conferences discussing his favorite topic: himself.

After accomplishing absolutely nothing during his brief sojourn to Kansas City, Stanton

 announced he was leaving the scene (10/17) and turning it over to fellow New York superstar attorney Joe Tacopina, who also could have been a Soprano's cast member.
Tacopina immediately called a press conference to discuss his favorite topic: himself.

He bobbed and weaved away from any real questions from the local news media which covered his arrival "live."  Tacopina basically said the parents were innocent (go figure) and that they would no longer do media interviews..
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