Tuesday, October 18, 2011

#LisaIrwin Cell Phones Hold The Key - Ashley Irwin Tries To Repair The Damage !

Something I picked up on, Hinky Meter Blog...the cell phones and Bradley let slip about her own cell phone....next we have family mouthpiece Ashley Irwin posting on Facebook claiming the 2.30 call was a rumor !...I don't think so ! Captain Steve Young aware it is vital to find those damn phones, Bradleys to be precise.
Quote from Hinky meter:

Debbie revealed that law enforcement had shown her cell phone ping maps of activity of one of the missing cell phones (she says “my cell phone” to be exact).  Debbie was shown “burnt clothing” by the detectives as well.  She states that now she has to believe those things were fake…at least SHE HOPES the burnt clothing was not real.
Lisa Irwin: Kidnapped from Kansas City, Missouri on 10/04/2011
‎10/17/2011: Ashley Irwin, Lisa Irwin's aunt, just wrote on our page: "Jeremy was at home with the children while Debbie & her brother went to the store. The 2:30 a.m. phone call is a false rumor. Their cell phones were shut off due to non-payment. No one could have made a call and that is also why police couldn't ping them."