Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Casey Anthony : Amy...

Now we will get to the part where she loans casey her car and then gets ripped off...

It keeps coming back to the need of having someone to watch Caylee, that is why she can never do anything. I wouldn't be complaining about what a burden my kid was if she was already dead down to me not watching her. It sounds like more she wants to blame the child for being in the way constantly.

I'm gonna miss the part where Cindy called her late July all freaked out and why Amy was so cautious with her because Casey had told her her mother was crazy.

Pros asks Amy about CIndy= ( who had phoned her and then come to pick Amy up at the mall so Amy could take her to where Casey was staying so she could talk to her about Caylee) "did she tell you what had gone on that month in her life?" yes - no Caylee. She needed to know where she was.

When you got to Tony's apt how did Cnidy act? "Mrs Anthony was angry and very confrontational". What is the first thing you see - "a massive explosion of mother and daughter. I was caught in the middle and managed to escape. She asked where Caylee was and Casey said she's with the nanny."

With a very very big amount of persuasion she agreed to take Cindy to Caylee... objection from baez to hearsay. Bullsh*t. Overruled. She was right there, Amy knew what was going on.

Casey was meeting CIndy, for aggression "giving as good as she got" but backing off her position. Casey did not want Cindy in the apt. She didn't speak to her mother, except to answer where Caylee was, 'with the nanny'. Lots of accusations, most of Casey's responses were crossed arms and a glaring look like she was 16 years old and caught doing something.

Wow - judge sustains that objection from Baez. Casey still saying that she and Caylee needed their space.

Recess to tomorrow.

Here's news to me. One of the things Cindy found in the trunk of the Pontiac when they got it home was Caylee's backpack.

Eerily, she says the baby doll was in Caylee's car seat where Caylee would have been sitting.

She says the doll smelled of composition and she wiped its face and hands with Cloroz and sprayed the body with Febreeze, and used nearly a whole bottle of Febreeze in the car to try to get rid of the smell of decomposition.

I think Cindy would have had to have thought at the time that Caylee's car seat and back pack being in the car since it was at the tow yard would be highly suspicious because Caylee whether with her mother or her nanny would need her backpack, and car seat and would want her favorite doll.

The car was abandoned when?

The fire fighter didn't smell any decomp in the garage when he got there. This was after Cindy removed the doll, backpack and Casey's clothes and started washing things and used an entire can of febreeze in the car.

I hope Linda brings that up!

Brother Lee is on now talking about the fight they had and having to chase Casey down. How she lied to him about where she was and he knew she was lying. He confronted her - I know you aren't in Jacksonville etc - where are you - she hung up on him several times.

Playing Casey's interview with the cops when she is telling about going to getCaylee from the nanny. Her language is interesting, instead of using the past tense "I knocked on the door no one answeres so I sat down" she says stuff like "I knock, no on answers. So I sit down on the steps" I have read before in Statement analysis that this way of phrasing things shows you are making up a scenario rather than relating one.

this bs about the new phone and lost phones is such bs - Casey is still talking about Julia her friend at Universal and how they work together! God, what a liar. How can she sit there accused of child neglect or worse and just lie to the cops not thinking they'd go check out her JOB, her phones, etc?

This is a sign of a pathological liar. She claims to have told Jeff and Juliet but has number for them. Juliet has a new number... she works with me, I talked to her about Caylee being missing, what's her number, can we reach her at Universal, errr no, she doesn't work with me, she left 2 months ago, I talked to her 3 weeks ago - so you talked to her after she left? no...

This cop so clearly knows she is lying, and she doesn't seem to recognize that.

I was so looking forward to Baez cross of Detective Mellich. Why the sidebar? Does he wnt to wait because he forgot his notes or he doesn't like the color of Mellich's tie or he wants a mitsrial again because Casey didn't have a lawyer present on her tour of Orlando sites of "places she works" and "Places the nanny lives?"

Baez weaseling and grinning at the sidebar, the judge appears to have abig smile too, wonder what's going on?

the judge has to take care of some business that Mr Baez forgot to do something, and is now asking Linda B to review some papers he has brought. So the jury and detective have to all go stand in the hall. This azz clown is going to go for an ineffective council defense, that should be his defense.

Whats that first question from Baez all about?
Did you ever go under the name Dick Tracy Orlando?
Many thanks to WIDOWAN who is reporting for bloggers on the case :The Anthony case not covered in England by the media due to the British Goverment cover-up on the death of Madeleine McCann. Cadaver dogs in England to be seen as powerful indicators would not suit the McCann agenda.

Casey Anthony case gagged in England !