Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Casey Anthony: AMY.

Amy is saying they (she and Casey) were BFFs Jan-March 2008 and that at least once a week something would come up to where they planned to do something but could not, because Cindy couldn't watch Caylee and there was no one else to watch her. She believed Casey had a job at Universal Studios and gave Casey her resume to give to someone there.

Now she is saying they looked for a house together starting mid May. Saying Casey told her she was going to take over her parents' house and Amy could live there, as the parents were leaving. Amy wanted to meet Cindy, because she would be wanting to meet the person living with her daughter and grand daughter in her house. Prosecution asks about if Casey talked about her mother - Amy says that on regular basis Casey mentioned that CIndy could not watch Caylee so she could not go out. It happened more in May and the frustration was greater in MAy than back in March. It was building.

Wow I can see where this is heading and Cindy must feel terrible, her trying to make Casey step up to being a mom and watching her own kid, instead of going out all the time, had this result...

Casey told Amy the relationship between her and Cindy was strained and hard because her mom had told her she was an unfit mother (and she didn't know why Cindy would say this). Baez has made three objections and all three overruled - on the frustration of Casey with Cindy all about the parenting or babysitting of Caylee.

Said her mom was crazy, she was really frustrated with her... the week of June 6th...

Amy had to buy a new car, Casey said she would give her a ride to Jacksonville so she could buy a car from her uncle. Very early in the morning. But she didn't do it. June 13. Baez objects, Judge overules. Amy says she texted her and Casey replied she was taking her dad to the hospital - Baez objects. Amy found another way to get a ride. Later on that day did you hear any communication from her? She called to tell me what happened to her dad. Baez objects. What else did you hear on June 13. That she wanted me to come with her to Fusion.

Looks like ros is establishing that Casey routinely lied to get out of things she did not want to do, she just wanted to party.

Many thanks to WIDOWAN for her write-ups