Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Baez on cross examination

Baez asks on his cross examination, about to what CIndy meant when she said it smelled like nothing she ever encountered - it smelled like completely different to rotting flesh? No, Cindy says it was rotting flesh. Did you call the police? no, I didn't think it was rotting flesh at the time. He didn't do too well eliciting the response he wanted.

Baez is now on cross with Cindy asks if George had "the same reaction as her" but doesn't make a specific time - when he first smelled it, when CIndy called the police - the question so so vague he never DOES seem to make a point. She says George was visibly upset - "you testified that his reaction was similar to yours - reaction on 911 tape was hysterical, we could not hear George's". She says that is because he was standing further away. (I think he is wanting and failing to make someone say "neither of you called the cops when you smelled dead body in the car, you must not have been TOO upset or didn't think it was Casey or Caylee") but he never closes that out properly. How about., What did you do when you smelled the dead flesh, who did you think it could be" - the obvious answer would be Caylee as she'd been on MySpace with Casey and on the phone with her daily -

Baez says that the prosecution says all Casey's lies began when Caylee was born. Do you recall Casey's graduation- for her HS grad/ Inviting people for a p arty, what happened on her graduation? "Prior to it we got a note that she was shy half credit to graduate, that she would graduate but could not walk in the ceremony". He asks If it wasn't for the phone call from the school you would have had the party? Cindy says they DID have it, Casey would not walk up to get the diploma. And they didn't find out the 11th hour -we knew the day before- but we had already prepared and gotten every one invited, we carried on the party, but not the graduation itself.

That was before Caylee was born wasn't it? Yes.

So I guess the huge defense point is that Casey did not inform her parents she was a half credit shy of graduating - so her lies did not begin after she was pregnant.

Pretty lame. I'm sure Casey lied before she got pregnant, but The massive, ongoing, "I'm living a lie" type of lies in Casey's life, were all about who Caylee's father was, lying to cover her pregnancy,then about who was caring for Caylee or where Casey was when she was not at home, claiming to be working and leaving Caylee with her parents or "nanny" -- when in fact she was actually out partying.

So now the judge kicks the whole jury out to have another side bar with the clown act as Baez isn't prepared and wants to ask for information he elicited to be kept out and for him to go get files he doesn't have on a witness who was called out of order.

There are 6 felony convictions for Casey - Baez objects to these coming in although he himself elicited them. He wants prosecution to not be able to use these statements as they were not elicited by the prosecution for this purpose. (In other words he dropped his own client in it not anticipating how the information he was eliciting could be used by the prosecution? Clever.) The statements were made out of court. Linda B argues for the proecution, says "There is no requirement on the prosecution not to use this" - but judge will let Baez argue it in the morning - since it is so damning to his client. Judge rules that BAEZ elicited the hearsay statements that came from the defendant but that Baez can make argument tomorrow at 830 and prosecution can have ten minutes at that time to rebut. It will go into evidence. Evidence has been convicted of 6 prior felonies - he will give some kind of instruction to the jury but the evidence that she has been convicted of 6 felonies WILL go in whether this testimony does or not.

Judge scolding Baez for not using the hallways to store files like he offered him. Baez wants to leave early today because he doesn't have the files he needs. The Judge says " NOT. STOPPING. any. more. for. you. to. get. a. file."

"You are not sequestered, the jury is. They wanted to work Memorial Day. Y'all did NOT want to work Memorial Day - whatever you were doing Memorial Day, they were here, away from their families. Folks, they are sequestered, we need to be mindful they are sequestered and while we will take as much time as we need to try the case, we cannot waste time."

Recess for five minutes.

Next Amy hizuenga or whatever her name is. This is the friend I think she ripped off...who brought Cindy to Casey the day she made the 911 calls.
Many thanks to WIDOWAN