Wednesday, June 1, 2011

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More than 2 years ago, Casey was in jail, on video, seen talking to her mother.

"I just saw your cameo on TV", she spit out the words with vinegar in her voice.

Instead of denying to her daughter that it was a "cameo" or an appearance by someone who thinks they are important enough to classify being on TV a cameo, Cindy didn't miss a beat:

"Which one, dear?" Cindy answered her back, with the fake softness that sent Casey into a rage. Which cameo was Casey referring to, Cindy wanted to know.

Her mother always did know how to push her buttons.

It has been difficult studying Casey Anthony's words due to the incredible volume of lies as well as her method of deception being so rare: fabrication of reality.

Casey is her own god. She is the center of her universe and of all worship. She believes that she can lie to anyone and can get away with it; as she holds all others in contempt. Others can work, like her friend, Amy, for $9 an hour, but Casey doesn't have to: she will simply take Amy's checkbooks and write what she wants. She, after all, owns all. She got her mother and father to pay for Caylee. This "amazing" mom, as Mallory described her, did not need to spend a penny on Caylee's food or clothing. (I want to know what it is that caused Mallory to feel "amazement", that is, shock, surprise, that Casey showed interest in Caylee, or the other way around. Even abusive parents have bonds with children; nervous, unhealthy bonds, but bonds nonetheless.)

As her own god, she expected all to exist for her benefit, and if she did not find people to fit the bill, she invented them to serve her.

Zanny the Nanny existed to serve Casey. She watched Caylee when needed and she existed to pump up Casey's ego when needed, allowing Casey to "boast" at paying $400 per week to the nanny, since she, Casey, was an exclusive, high paid "Event Planner" for Universal.

Casey "creates" because Casey is god, in Casey's realty.

When one narcissist meets another, there is an inevitable clash of the gods.

Cindy testified in court today and cried quite a bit. In spite of appearing sedated, she was still Cindy, in charge, who, herself, thinks others exist to serve her. If Cindy wants to stop testifying, she will stop testifying, just ask John Morgan. She once, in a local interview quipped in jealousy that Nancy Grace was making "millions" off of Caylee, and sought to put a stop to anyone, but herself, from making money.

In court, she cried quite a few times.

Cindy's tears appeared to anger Casey.

Since they are "one and the same" according to Cindy, Casey would likely know when she sees a "cameo" and when she doesn't.

The sedate, new and improved Cindy was crying often during the testimony, but when the camera cut to Casey, more times than not, Casey's face tightened with anger.

Casey's rage towards Cindy came as Cindy was leaving the courtroom and hugged George.

To Casey, this meant one thing: Cindy, who said she was "one" with Casey, hugged the man who forced 13 year old Casey into incestuous sex before school is the ultimate betrayal of Casey Anthony.

If Casey killed Caylee, in part, to get back at Cindy, it may be that Cindy gets the ultimate revenge on Casey, scoring millions of dollars in media deals, while Casey sits for many years, running out appeals, either waiting for the needle, or waiting to finish her life sentence, old and alone in prison.

It appears that in any scenario that Casey faces, Cindy gets the last laugh. I believe that Casey planned and murdered Caylee for several reasons, predominantly to be free from the burden of a child, and to get revenge upon her mother, who has 'hurt' Casey since the day of Caylee's birth, taking Caylee to herself, giving Caylee the 'love" Casey thought she deserved.

As Casey is 'god', Casey brought Caylee into this world and Casey took Caylee out of this world. She could free herself and get revenge on Caylee, all planned out, in just one day, and have the ultimate revenge; hurting Cindy in the most hateful way possible.

But Cindy will never work another day in her life. She will have "bella vita", a millionaire, who, if she keeps the belligerence to a minimum, will gain America's sympathy so much that the 2 million dollar deal Dr. Glass mentioned, will quickly multiply. Cindy will travel, see the world, and can even keep George around, which would really anger Casey, while Casey sits in prison, day after day after day, waiting, as it were, to fulfill her sentence, which comes at the day of her death.

As the clash of the titans ends with Cindy coming out victorious, having scored the big payday off the blood of a child, and Casey defeated, in the ruins, the one that appears forgotten in this war is the only innocent victim:

Caylee Marie Anthony

With thanks: WIDOWAN