Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Casey Anthony: Baez fumbles on...

We just spent an hour listening to Baez fumble - he's trying to get all of Mellich's cross (by him I guess) not to happen,, to have his testimony thrown out, because Mellich's credibility is impeached because he blogged.

The judge doesn't agree, in a nutshell, the guy had a broken leg and was blogging but not about the case just about stuff in general. He DID mention Caylee's name - in stating he hoped they found her soon but could not discuss the case.

Baez waited til Linda finished her questions and THEN raises this side bar. He then had to leave the court to go get files! Blogs Mellish had written.

Baez wants Mellich out - his conduct in writing a blog, goes to "self promotion", and shows witnesses bias and lack of credibility.

Baez then gave them to him out of order, and missing the only one that is relevant. so now we have to wait while the judge wades thru them.

Here's the sentence that Mellich wrote:

"A true missing person investigation is akin to a murder investigation without a body"

So, by September, Mellich was considering this as a murder case and not, possibly, an accident. He took this in the direction of a murder, when he could have searched the pool... 
What kind of detective would NOT be thinking that, two months into this with the liar's track record of making up the whole abduction?

Oh God. This judge has a lot of patience.

What evidence, Mr Baez, could show this was an accident?

er Mrs Anthony noticed the ladder was left up on the pool and multiple statements from both G&C that they advised the officer it could have been an accident that was covered up.

But because the detective investigated this like a possible murder case the witness should be impeached because he's biased.

Judge asks, Mr Baez - What evidence would one glean from inspecting the pool to see if someone had drowned in it?

Blood around the edge of the pool or there could be hairs...

(like caylee wouldn't leave hair in the pool just by swimming?) nope, this one isn't gonna stand like any of the other requests to get witnesses thrown out.

Then judge says, so that we don't have the jury coming in and out like a pop tart, what else did you have to say about his professionalism, before the jury is back in?

I wanted to say that he was reprimanded for blogging but if you aren't going to let me talk about what is in the blog
I guess there is no point

He sounds like a first year law student!

As he is totally unprepared to show any individual post that references Caylee Anthony at all to show any bias Jose will take the blogs and go read them later and if he finds one he will document it and bring it to the court's attention.

Well you should have done that before you raised the objection, fool - and you should have raised the objection before the detective took the stand to be interviewd by the prosecution - he's THEIR witness.

This guy has had 3 years to prepare.
Many thanks to WIDOWAN for write-up.