Saturday, October 22, 2011

#LisaIrwin : Search Warrant And People Details

The affidavit filed in KCPD’s request for a court-ordered search warrant has revealed the driving reasons behind why we watched KCPD search the Irwin home for about 17 hours straight this past week.  During that search we watched investigators repetitively going from the house to a specialized arson forensic van with x-ray panels.  The information in the narrative of the affidavit now reveals what they were looking for.  That would be baby Lisa’s body and three missing cell phones.

In the narrative of the affidavit filed by KCPD requesting a search warrant the new information revealed is as follows:
  • On the morning of October 4th, when Lisa Irwin’s disappearance was first reported, Deborah Bradley stated to law enforcement that she did not go in the backyard to look for her missing baby because she “was afraid of what she might find”.
  • According to the affidavit, the missing cell phones were not immediately revealed to law enforcement.  I base this interpretation on the following language:
  • Upon arrival, contact was made with Jeremy Irwin who stated his ten-month-old daughter (LI) was missing from their house.  Officers entered the residence to search for the baby.  All rooms in the house and the basement were checked for the baby.  An area canvass was also conducted in the back yard, both yielding negative results.  [Please note at this point the only searches taking place are for the baby.]
  • Detectives obtained consent to search…the house beginning on October 4, 2011.  Detectives and crime scene personnel searched the home for evidence of a child or evidence to support an abduction of a child.   Crime scene personnel recovered items from the home, but due to the initial information provided by the family, the only areas extensively processed for DNA and fingerprints during the consent were the baby’s bedroom and possible points of entry. [Please note they were not looking in computer desks in other rooms of the house, nor were they looking for cell phones.]
  • Interviews with Jeremy Irwin and Deborah Bradley, the baby’s mother and father, revealed the baby was missing along with three cell phones. Law enforcement personnel searched the home and located a cell phone in the bottom desk drawer of the computer desk.  It was later determined that the cell phone located in the drawer was not one of the missing cell phones in question.  [Please note this is the third search at this point and this time the search is specifically for the missing cell phones.  The language indicates that the information of missing cell phones was revealed in subsequent interviews.] article in full at Hinkey's