Wednesday, October 12, 2011

#LisaIrwin : Judge Jeanine Asked' Do you Think Someone May have been Watching You'.?.'.Yes, Yes Thats What I Thought ' Replied Mom...

Grabbing at straws......and YET mom was seen with an unidentified male shopping for wine and Lisa was not with her , so was someone looking after her or had mom left her on her own ?

Certainly that day no one in the Supermarket was eyeing Lisa up to 'abduct' her simply because she was not who was the last person to have seen baby Lisa ?

Another Mom , whose clothes reeked with cadaver from her missing child STILL insists she was'abducted' . This mom also lied about a window and an unlocked door...This mom also claims she believes she was 'watched'. In this footage Kate looks as though she has had a few swigs of Deb's wine bought from the Supermarket !