Wednesday, October 12, 2011

#LisaIrwin #findbabylisa: This Is An Either Or Situation.

1) A hoax and the baby is hidden away, safe with friends. I have seen the Irwins home and quite frankly it looks like my garden shed...therefore we are talking a fabricated abduction for financial gain.

2) An accidental death now being turned into a goldmine...the child is gone but a better future can be had if abduction is believed. It is just one week and already we have a lawyer, a family PR mouthpiece T.Shirts have been sold for $15....pretty expensive T Shirt's..A FUND and Now a celeb PI, Bill Stanton who wants in on the circus.

3) There was NOT an abduction.

4) Whatever the outcome, the Irwins will write a book, do the chatshows and of course later there will be the movie. Better if she is hidden away because we will have another Elizabeth Smart situation.

Debra , is tired of living on the breadline and now looks to become a wealthy woman. I apologize if I sound harsh but  after watching four years of the criminals McCann get away with fraud and the crime of hiding their daughters body, to then watch history repeat itself turns my stomach !