Wednesday, October 19, 2011

#LisaIrwin :#Fox News Judge Jeanine & Megyn Kelly: Baby Lisa's mom's story inconsistent ... consistent

Fox News Judge Jeanine & Megyn Kelly: Baby Lisa's mom's story inconsistent

Experts say a four-hour timeline change is significant.

Marc Klass, Founder of Klass Kids and whose own daughter was abducted and murdered, said Tuesday evening on HLN's Nancy Grace Show that it's very concerning when a parent's story changes. It's not something you expect to see in parents who have nothing to do with their child's disappearance.

The main contradiction, Megyn said, was the time the mother said she last saw Baby Lisa.

Megyn compares the two interviews:

Megyn’s interview with Lisa’s parents Sunday night, October 16:

Megyn: What time did you put Lisa to bed?
Deborah: 6:40.
Megyn: And that’s her normal bedtime?
Deborah: No, it’s usually between 7:30 and 8, but she’d been kind of fussy and, um, I just decided to put her down.

Judge Jeanine’s interview with Lisa’s parents Saturday, October 8:

Judge Jeanine: Who went to bed first, Debbi?
Deborah: Lisa. I put the boys to bed and then I went to sleep.
Judge Jeanine: The neighbor was gone when you went to sleep?
Deborah: Yeah.
Judge Jeanine: And you think that was about 10:30?
Deborah: Yeah.

Pat Brosnan said, “Well naturally she doesn’t think it’s that vital but actually it’s a very vital admission to the extent that it opens up a four-hour window of investigative questions. That’s the critical point of it.”

Asked why he thinks this is the first time we’re hearing about this, two weeks after Baby Lisa went missing, Brosnan said, “Very, very troubling. But equally as troubling is all of a sudden she recalls that she may have blacked out?”