Sunday, October 23, 2011

#LisaIrwin #Bradley Attorney IGNORE The Important Sighting

OK, we now have a 'sighting 'of a guy walking around wearing a white T Shirt around 4.30 in the morning AND....? Is this credible ' NO !

Why ,because we already had this description from a very credible witness and it is being has been out there since baby Lisa was reported missing, but  Bradley's defence do not want you to go there..Hey Guys, LOOK here ,not there..LOOK we have footage, OK he is not carrying a baby but we have a witness saying he was....move on boys and girls there is nothing to see here..this is a PR distraction..and this 'witness' is an attention seeker who wants his 15 minutes of fame

However, the sighting of a man seen with a baby only wearing a diaper around midnight by a neighbor is VERY IMPORTANT because when Judge Jeanine asked Bradley about it her reply was astounding 'Oh it was nothing'...this sighting fits in with the dumpster fire and the 2.30 am call made from Bradleys house !

The second witness is being used as a distraction , don't fall for it. BUT more importantly this tells me Bradley's attorneys KNOW she is involved and they are building her defence. PR media machine in  full throttle creating 'reasonable doubt ' they really need the public on Bradley's side if she is to walk ...Lisa now is of no importance, it is all about Bradley !