Sunday, October 23, 2011

#LisaIrwin #babylisa : Death By Means Of Child Abuse

We are now approaching 2 weeks since baby Lisa Irwin was last known to be alive.  What have we learned since that time?

1.  The mother's statements indicate deception. 
2.  The father's statements are concerning and raise topics that need exploration.
3.  The Stranger Abduction Theory is implausible.  

Question:   What does the mother's language suggest happened to Baby Lisa?

Answer:  Death by means of child abuse. 

This is a complicated topic.  The most common form of death by child abuse is shaken baby syndrome; more so than battered child syndrome where the child is repeatedly beat, usually by a male, often one in the role of boyfriend.  

Question:  What indication do you have of child abuse?  Videos show a loved and healthy baby.  We have not heard of any child protective reports, nor of any pediatrician concerns. 

Answer:  Death by child abuse does not always indicate chronic abuse.  In fact, some well cared for and highly loved babies have died as a result of shaken baby syndrome, where the adult holding a crying baby loses his or her temper, but for a moment, shakes the baby to stop the crying only to find that the baby has not only stopped crying, but has stopped breathing, and experiences brain damage; often lethal.  A child could be loved and cared for every day of her life, but the sudden, unplanned and explosive moment destroys a life. 

Death by child abuse could come when a parent gives a child too much cough medicine, for example, to put her "to sleep" (words used by Deborah Bradley).  It is not intentional, but parents who have overdosed a child, or shaken a child, may panic and start a cover up.  

Death by child abuse could come if the child is caught between two combatants, in a situation of domestic violence.  It is not intentional, but it happens. 

Baby Lisa may have been such a child; loved, and cared for, but there are signals within the parents' language that suggest that something awful happened to her on that fateful more