Sunday, October 16, 2011

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Sara E. said...
Not that this has much to do with the situation at hand. It's really interesting that I am seeing all of this news coverage, I used to live across the street from Debbie and Sean (her "ex" and current husband) Bradley at Fort Bragg, NC where he was stationed. She moved in across the street from us (on Slagle Place on Fort Bragg). She started a feud with me by trying to sleep with my husband, egging my house and car and calling CPS on me stating that my husband and I had sex in front of our kid, and left used condoms all around the house (ICK!) which were all found to be lies (obviously). She was also a raging kleptomaniac. She was proud of the fact that she would call a fast food restaurant out of the blue, claim to have purchased a huge meal, and then say that it was all ruined and she wanted a replacement immediately, she would then drive over, pick up dinner and eat it. She would also purchase items such as bedclothes and such from Walmart and then use them for 28 days and return them saying that a thread was loose etc. I made friends with several women because we shared the fact that something had been stolen from our house (she broke into my house once and stole about 300 dollars worth of DVDs).
She also took lawn ornaments from other neighbors houses and would place them prominently on her property as if she was proud of the fact that she had stolen them.
I hope that this just allows you to see what kind of a person she was even 6-7 years ago; perhaps the type who, being accustomed to using deception to get her way, is doing it again in this case?

Sara E. said...

To all who have asked, I reported the DVD theft to the MP's, but I did not have any solid PROOF that it was Debbi. I mean, I knew it was her, and everyone else in the area knew it was her, but the MP's in the area weren't exactly thorough, and while a ton of DVD's is technically a felony, they didn't fingerprint my doorknob or anything. They took a list of the movies and told me that they would watch pawn shops.

Writing more about the other questions, just wanted to put this one out there.

Sean Bradley was (at the time) a PFC in the US Army, in the 82nd Airborne Division. My husband was a newly promoted SGT (E5) which made things all the more tense as he was teetering on the brink of an upper NCO, but he was not in Sean's specific COC.

Sara E. said...

Hey Vitak,

No :( It doesn't.

Her address would have been

Deborah Bradley
208 Slagle Place
Fort Bragg, NC 28307

I lived at 201, which was right on the corner (you can see from a satellite view on google maps), my carport (side of my house) faced the front of her house.

@11:21, Thanks! I was worried I was "muckraking" her a bit too much, and have been wracking my brains to find something nice to say about her. But even when we were all friendly, I never really had much interaction with her that wasn't me on the inside feeling horrified (such as when she told us how she got free food for dinner 5 nights a week)

I was mostly trying to get the point out there, that she has been, for at LEAST 6-7 years, manipulative and deceptive. Think of my posts as unofficial character witnesses. She was not a nice person to be around. She came to my door at the beginning of the "feud" and threatened to drag me into the street by my hair and "beat the stupid out of me" because I was laughing at her for trying to tell me that my husband had tried to sleep with her that night, instead of vice versa. This was after 2 hours of her screaming from her yard that she hadn't even been over at my house and would never try to have anything to do with us. I found that the best defense against her was literally just to laugh, because it dispelled any fear or other misemotions that I would feel about it.

Sara E. said...

I am not trying to play media circus and take the focus off of what matters, which is finding Lisa. I honestly do, in my heart, hope that Debbi didn't have anything to do with the disappearance, and that the baby turns up. I find it hard though, that the first thing I think (and my whole office since I shared all of the videos and links when I found out) is "wow, she is lying" when it seems so blatant.

Like, I am not sure what answers I expect, or how I expect different answers to make me feel better, and I try to put myself in her shoes and say "Ok Sara, what would you say if your son was missing" and I can't pinpoint how she is "off", but she is "off"... you know?