Friday, October 14, 2011

#LisaIrwin: #Bradley OUTSIDE with neighbor, child in boys room, so WHO saw Lisa that night ?

Debbi: “Me and my neighbor were out front talking and the boys were and Maria – she has a  4-year-old daughter – was in the bedroom with them and they have a TV in there and bunk beds and stuff, and they were watching some sort of fairy tale movie and um, I mean everything was, everything was pretty normal. I mean Jeremy never works nights and never works overnight certainly so …”

Judge Jeanine: “So this is the first time you worked an overnight?”

Jeremy: “Yeah, this is the first time I’ve ever not been home at night, so …”

Judge Jeanine: “But that night, who went to bed first, Debbie?”

Debbi: “Um, Lisa. And then I put the boys to bed and I, I, I went to sleep.”

Bradley claims she put the boys to bed...but later claims one boy was sleeping with her ?

Judge Jeanine: “The neighbor was gone when you went to sleep?”

Debbi: “Yeah.”

Judge Jeanine: “And you think that was about 10:30?”

Debbi: “Yeah.”

Judge Jeanine: “Were the lights on or off when you went to bed?”

Debbi: “I turned them off.”

Judge Jeanine: “OK, was the front door locked or unlocked?”

Debbi: “I don’t remember. Typically I lock it. Um, I mean I left the computer room window open and …”

Judge Jeanine: “So the computer room is in the front of the house?”

Jeremy: “Yeah, that’s right.”

Debbi breaks down and weeps, hugging Jeremy.

Judge Jeanine: “I can’t imagine the pain you’re going through. Was there a screen on the computer room window?”

Debbie: “Yeah.”

Jeremy: “Yeah.”

Debbi: “And, um, when he came in it was, and he tried to shut the window because we, we, almost never, except for maybe our bedroom which is really far off the ground and maybe twice or every once in a while we’ll leave the boy’s window cracked, um, for them so they don’t get hot in the summer.

But he knew that, you know, I’m sure there’s been a couple of times we’ve left it open but it’s not enough to when you walk by it’s a normal thing at 4 o’clock in the morning.”

Bradley admitted she left the window open BUT now claims it is not a normal thing for it to be open at 4a.m.. in the morning?

Judge Jeanine: “What do you mean when you said ‘he knew’?”

Debbi: “Whenever he came in from work, I mean he’s – he came in …”

Judge Jeanine: “What time do you normally come home, Jeremy?”

Jeremy: “About 5 in the evening.”

Judge Jeanine: “The evening?”

Jeremy: “Yeah.”

Judge Jeanine: “But this night you were the last one to go to bed, you turn all the lights out, there was a screen in the window but the window was open?”

Debbi: “Yeah.”

Judge Jeanine: “OK, what’s the next thing that you remember?”

Debbi: “Him coming in the bedroom, um, I didn’t know what time it was until he later on had said it because I hadn’t checked but he came in and said, um, you know, ‘why are all the lights on?’ um, you know, ‘why is the screen popped out of the window. Part of, a quarter of it was popped out or something and um, I was, you know, I got up, I was ‘I don’t, I don’t, I don’t know what you’re talking about’ …

And um, my son was sleeping with me and um, sometimes, you know, I (inaudible) – my kids have always, when they were younger, little, slept in bed with me so I like to do that when I can.

And, um, he asked why Michael was there and I was like, ‘you know, he’s just, he’s sleeping next to me’ and, um, I guess with everything he was saying out loud to me, you know, he thought ‘wait a minute, you know, Lisa’s bedroom door’s open’ and we always close it when she goes to sleep at night.

And he ran back and checked and he said, he came in the room and said ‘Where’s Lisa, where’s she at?’ And I said ‘She’s, she’s in her crib. What are you, you know, and he says she’s not there and we just got up and screaming for her and looking everywhere and she wasn’t there.”

Judge Jeanine: “She’s 10 months old, Lisa’s 10 months old.”

Debbi said: “She’s almost 11 months old the 11th. Her birthday is next month.   

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