Saturday, October 8, 2011

#LisaIrwin : Search For Lisa Continues

It appears the Irwins have a dog, the dog did'nt bark ?...a dog and a new stray kitten found the day Lisa disappeared ?

Latest report...

Crime scene investigators returned to the Irwin home Saturday evening. They used metal detectors on the front and backyards. Investigators did not clarify what the teams were looking for.

The family is once again talking to police after police said there was a day and a half with no communication between the parents and investigators.

"We're sitting done with the mother and father right now and as I've been saying for a couple of days clearly that is the best bet for us to find this child, so we're happy we are talking," said Captain Steve Young.

Young said he did not know if family members had a lawyer present during the interview.
Neighbors are still being questioned by the police. Investigators said its standard procedure.
"Our detective is going to talk to everybody they can, if they know somebody it’s a safe bet they are talking to them," said Young.

Investigators have gotten more than 250 tips, but none of them have proved to be helpful to police.

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