Wednesday, October 12, 2011

#LisaIrwin : Bill #Stanton is a shameless self-promoter ...

The Not So Private Eye

Stanton has even become a go-to talking head on security issues for Fox, MSNBC, and CNN. When Elián González was scooped up by the Feds, there was Bill Stanton on Good Morning America explaining the tactics used in that kind of operation.

Stanton is so tight with the city's top cops that he often has dinner with Bill Bratton; he has a line to new commissioner Bernard Kerik; and department chief Tom Fahey is a good friend. He's so much a part of this inner circle of celebrity cops that he even got former NYPD deputy commissioner Jack Maple to become his partner. And to accept second billing: the firm is called Stanton & Maple, P.I.

"Billy's certainly not everybody's cup of tea," says Bratton. "But he's very creative; he's always thinking. And that's probably why he and Maple get along so well. Both of them are characters. Dreamers who're always coming up with what seem like crazy ideas. But every once in a while one of them works. Both are also deceptive in terms of appearance, and you've got to get beyond the façade to realize how smart they are."

Among the many things Stanton has cleverly picked up from Maple and Bratton and their fraternity is the idea of a kind of restored 1940s romance about police work. The notion (which they very successfully put forth when they ran the NYPD) that there is glamour and honor in fighting crime: the impossibly quaint but appealing picture of real men protecting people and doing good work during the day and then hanging out together drinking in saloons at night.