Sunday, October 23, 2011

#LisaIrwin: Understanding The POWER Of Spin


For now, it is far less important to talk about whether Lisa’s mother was drunk than it is to understand all the reasons why she may have decided it was a good idea to start telling stories to the press, after refusing to talk to cops.

The lawyer for Lisa’s mother says we should pay no mind to the mother’s inconsistencies about when she last saw Lisa alive because traumatized people always make mistakes. This same lawyer told a jury in New York recently that a severely traumatized rape victim’s inconsistent statements proved she was lying about the crime.

So much for the effects of trauma.

He also criticized cops for being too tough on the parents even though in 99 percent of cases like this one, one or both parents is responsible and the child was killed, sold or given away to pay off a drug debt. In other words, cops have been tough on Lisa’s parents because they’d be idiots to waste too much time looking outside the family.

Most people find it hard to believe that a mother would harm her own sweet-faced little baby. They find it less hard to believe that a cranky-faced guy might be guilty, which is another reason to be mindful of why, IF the father is involved, the defense is likely to exploit the behavior of the mother when it comes to influencing our perception of reality.

We’ve seen enough of these cases to keep our eyes wide open this time.

Lisa’s parents have a right to remain silent, but the Constitution says nothing about silencing those of us who believe that justice matters for a voiceless little more

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