Thursday, October 20, 2011

#LisaIrwin: To Date - #People Magazine - A Hoax Sighting - #PR And A Mystery Benefactor....Faked Abductions And How they Work.

How to become wealthy celebs just like the McCanns, fake an abduction and start a fund. McCanns are self confessed child neglectors and proud of it. Bradley , a drunk, who neglected her sick baby and proud of it. Of course the McCanns did not neglect their children and Bradley wasn't drunk BUT if it ever goes to court they have already raised ' reasonable doubt' when push comes to shove with a hot shot lawyer they know they will walk. Kids these days just don't get justice, does'nt seem fair somehow !

Good PR is required if you are to succeed with your plan, a gullible public and plenty of hoax sightings to keep your child alive in the public's mind. A fund where people donate their hard earned cash, children bake cakes, send pocket money and when you ask them why, they will tell you  to help find Lisa. The hashtag has already changed from #babylisa to #helpfindlisa....the stage is set.

We have already had a hoax sighting and a front cover splash on People magazine, a new website asking for tips and guess what, you don't even have to leave your name , that's so who ever is behind this keep's the police busy chasing false leads, at the same time removing the heat from the Irwins, all good stuff but none of it will help find Lisa.

Bradley has already informed the nation the police told her ' Your the killer, we know you did it, but we've got nothing'.  Kate McCann also told the nation' the nasty bad policeman framed me, but they've got nothing'...if they did frame her they did'nt do a very good job because at this very moment Kate is in Spain selling her book on her childs alleged abduction, the book , all about herself and her hatred for the detective who knows her better than she knows herself , for he knows she knows exactly what happened to her daughter Madeleine.

Hoax Sightings and how a PI makes them work for his client.