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#LisaIrwin : Timeline..

***Debbie and Jeremy have a heated discussion with LE before speeding off in police car to command center to find out about possible new lead.,5671503.story


**the list of suspects provided by the parents is now up to 12.---suspects all cleared
Capt. Young: "the mother and father no longer want to cooperate with detectives."

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Capt. Young: "There is no doubt they informed us that they no longer wish to cooperate with the investigation."
by Brian Foster - 8:05 PM

Capt. Young: "We have no plans to close the command center yet, but it will close at some point."
by Brian Foster - 8:04 PM

Capt. Young: "I don't have to illustrate how their lack of cooperation hurts the investigation."by Brian Foster - 8:03 PM

Capt. Young: "I cannot get into the details of the investigation."
by Brian Foster - 8:03 PM

Capt. Young: "the mother and father no longer want to cooperate with detectives."by Brian Foster - 8:02 PM

Capt. Young: "We don't have any suspect. If we had enough to charge anyone with, we'd probably be pursuing charges."
by Brian Foster - 8:02 PM

Capt. Young: "We don't have any suspects. From an investigative standpoint we've enjoyed their cooperation"
by Brian Foster - 8:02 PM

Capt. Young": The parents have intimate information as to what's been going on...our door is open and it doesn't help that they are no longer cooperating"
by Brian Foster - 8:02 PM

Capt. Young: "They've always been free and cooperative up until this point, but they've decided to stop cooperating"
by Brian Foster - 8:01 PM

Capt. Steve Young: Mother and father of baby Lisa Irwin have stopped cooperating with police
by Brian Foster - 8:01 PM

"This evening we will be shutting down the command post. We believe we have done all we can regarding geographic searches and will continue tracking leads as we get them or develop additional information," police Officer Darin Snapp said in a news release.

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Family statement: We saw the press conference at 7 PM, and we want you to know we have never stopped cooperating with police.
by Brian Foster - 9:11 PM

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CliffJudy Cliff Judy
Family statement denied what police are saying, brought focus back to #LisaIrwin, and even thanked PD. Another statement planned tomorrow.
20 hours ago

CliffJudy Cliff Judy
Got call from #LisaIrwin's family this morning. Upset media still reporting no cooperation with PD. Says they talked to feds, PD 2x yest
57 minutes ago

CliffJudy Cliff Judy
What does latest in #LisaIrwin case mean? PD strategy: pressure parents. At very least, KCPD thinks parents not as forthcoming as possible.
20 hours ago

**Parents agree to meet with police today

Debbie Bradley and Jeremy Irwin had agreed to conduct a 10 a.m. interview Saturday with KCTV5 about the disappearance of their daughter, Lisa Irwin.
The interview was abruptly canceled because the parents had agreed to meet with detectives to talk about the disappearance of baby Lisa, a family spokesman told KCTV5.
This comes after police on Thursday had said Irwin and Bradley were no longer cooperating with detectives. The parents have denied this.

Kansas City police confirm they have talked with Jeremy Irwin and Deborah Bradley by phone today.
by Karen Yancey 1:21 PM

And then at some point Saturday late day it appears they again met.