Saturday, October 8, 2011

#LisaIrwin : Theory From A First Time Poster On Websleuths ...And Yes I Believe This is What May Have Happened


When I look at pictures of baby Lisa, I see a child that is loved, well-fed, appropriately dressed, engaging with the people around her, and most of all happy. The fact that there are so many pictures tells me her parents and family are enjoying watching her grow and develop. If there was any involvement by the family, to me it would have to be a tragic accident, followed by panic.

As far as the dad, I don't think he is involved. I think he came home to a nightmare situation, and has no reason to believe his wife was involved. He would believe what she told him.

The mom, I'm just not feeling her. I do believe her tears are genuine- she is genuinely sad and heart-broken that her daughter is gone. Whether or not there is guilt mixed in with that sadness, well, I guess time will tell.

My Observation : This theory would also fit in with the sighting of a man seen with a child BUT not in the clothes the mother claims Lisa was wearing....The mother may have made a frantic call to a family member, this would explain why the cellphone had to be disposed of,.